Day: January 23, 2024

What make a great contractor, or the story of how I learn to spot an A player

The fastest and cheapest ain’t always the best

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So, back in December last year, I wanted to choose contractors to renovate my kitchen. I had a lot of bidders and ended up with the earliest – basically, to avoid decision fatigue. Let’s call him Joe.

Joe was responsive initially, offered me the most affordable price, and got back to me very fast.

I was hooked.

Little did I know that being consistent and predictable sets A+ contractors apart.

Two weeks into the project, he decided to disappear for two days. No text. No call. No nothing.

Communication blackout.

He promised to finish the project before Christmas – and as of now, near the end of January, we’re still living without a kitchen.

I regretted hiring him.

The most consistent and predictable player, win.

The Best Handyman Near Me

Enter the story about Jim.

Jim is another contractor I liked and helped me with various projects around the house: bookshelves, closets, you-named-it.

Was he the first? No.

Was he the cheapest? Not likely.

Was he the most consistent and predictable? Boy, oh boy, yes, absolutely yes.

Jim said he’ll be there at 9 am to start working. At 8.55 am, the bell rang, and he was there.

Jim would work continuously for 12 hours to complete the project on time. He told me it would take this much time up front, and he was right to a quarter of the hour. He communicated frequently with me about the progress and consulted me when anything was off.

He delivered the work beautifully.

I’d gladly hire Jim again for any future project. Not Joe.


That’s the consistency and predictability that set A player apart: being the fastest or cheapest might only get you going. You need to be consistent and predictable to win and deliver amazing results.

That’s it. Now is my time to return to my kitchen.