About me

I am an engineer, a programmer, a builder, husband to a lovely wife, and father of a wonderful boy.

Over the last 2 decades, I have been leading teams to build large and scalable platforms and products for millions of users.

Currently, I am at DocuSign as Senior Engineering Manager (San Francisco) with a mission to help make our Agreement Cloud a better platform for 180+M users.

My areas of interest include high scalability, large distributed systems, system architecture, disruptive technologies, human-computer interaction, and Artificial Intelligence.

What gets me out of bed is the chance to work with brilliant talents who care deeply about not only their works but also other people. I’m truly gratuitous to work with these amazing people and I’m lucky to have some of them as my mentors.


Outside of work, I’m actively involved with VNPN (Vietnamese Professional Network) to give back and pay it forward by helping young talents to grow their careers. It’s a truly meaningful experience.

At the same time, I enjoy being part of the PlatoHQ network where I can meet and learn from engineering leaders in the industry.

Out of that, I’m working on my project which will disrupt the way we search for knowledge in everyday life (grab a coffee with me to chat).

Last but not least, I am a competitive badminton player: I used to train weekly for men-single and men-double tournaments so if you are into badminton in Bay Area, CA – welcome to join me in a game of badminton like this.

Get in touch

The fastest way to reach me is by social networks: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Otherwise, drop me an email to dio@diophung.com.