About me

Dio Phung


My name is Dio, and I am an engineer turned entrepreneur / leader. My mission is to transform lives with technology. For over 15+ years, I have been building and leading teams to build large, scalable platforms. 

Every morning, what gets me out of bed is the opportunity to work with brilliant people who not only care about their works but also about others I’m truly grateful to work with these amazing people and I’m lucky to have some of them as my mentors.

Meanwhile, I’m allergic to corporate BS, ignorance, and narcissism – I believe we are just a blue dot.

Currently, I’m at AWS in engineering leadership role working on console.aws.amazon.com. Prior to AWS, I was at DocuSign and Tesla. Before that, I worked in startups and founded two. 

My works cover micro-frontends, microservices, platform engineering: distributed systems, cloud DevSecOps,  security, data storage, analytics and AI/ML. My area of interest includes HCI, high scalability, disruptive technologies, AI/ML and tech impacts on human behavior. Most recently, I discover my interest in psychology and history.

At big techs or startups, I always believe we are the CEO of our own life.

Social & Startup

Mentorship is a deeply meaningful experience. I am who I am today thanks to such experience. My first mentor is my Dad who taught me that you only live once, so lead a meaningful life.

That’s why I volunteered with Vietnamese Professional Network (VNPN) to help aspiring young people grow their career. I’m also on PlatoHQ where I learn from other leaders. I worked with the wonderful team at steamforvietnam.org to help with their educational mission.

My startup root is not going anywhere, so I’m working on a platform to democratize the future of A.I development. I live in the sunny Bay Area, California so if  feel free to grab a coffee with me if you’re interested. I’m looking for a co-founder.

Contact me

The fastest way to reach me is via LinkedIn or Facebook . I’m on X (Twitter, but slow to DMs). Otherwise, drop me an email at dio@diophung.com .