An amazing journey: Stanford LEAD

It is here: today, I received this Stanford LEAD graduation certificate in the mail.

It has marked an amazing year-long journey in which I met the world-class Stanford GSB faculty: renowned professors, inspiring course facilitators, and amazing fellow LEADers – leaders of their own organizations.

What I liked in particular, is that each cohort is given a unique name representing the Stanford GSB spirit. In the past, we have had names such as Vanguards, Explorers, Pathfinders – mine is Navigators.

After 1 year, 9 courses, 10 teams, 83 submissions, and hundreds of self-research hours, I can proudly wrap up another chapter in my life-long learning journey. If you are aspire to be a better leader in your organization and considering Stanford LEAD, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it. You’ll have a chance to join a self-paced, year-long program and it’s totally online, which is the beauty of the program amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is the list of courses I took together with my one-line thought for your reference.

Principled and Purposeful Leadership
Self-reflection course, looking inward and define your own leadership styles, then craft an executive plan and your motto.

Critical Analytical Thinking
Frameworks for thinking logically, fighting biases, with lots of practice with team and debates.

Financing Innovation: The Creation of Value
Corporate finance, financial statements (P & L, cash flow, annual reports), startup valuation & funding series.

Strategic Leadership
Generic leadership strategies, defining a firm’s core strengths and advantages

Communicating with Impact
Solid techniques and strategies, applicable frameworks for effective communication.

Decision Making
Logical steps of making decisions with imperative and data-driven approaches.

Customer Experience Design – A Neuroscience Perspective
Put customers first, see through their lens, leverage the X framework to convert customers from low → high-energy engagement.

Persuasion: Principles and Practice
Superb psychological insights & comm strategies. Simple yet effective examples through leadership stories.

The Innovation Playbook
Imagine you’re a startup founder with a problem & an idea: these are the steps to take your product from concept to POC to launch.