A different Thanksgiving

The year is 2020. It had been almost a year into the global coronavirus pandemic.

This coronavirus had turned the world upside down, disrupting every aspect of our daily life. This year Thanksgiving is not an exception. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a day for a family reunion, for friends gathering, for everyone to get together at warm and joyful dinners to express gratitude and thankfulness.

But in the middle of the pandemic, many of us choose to stay at home.

And I recalled reading someone wrote: “I’d rather comfort my parents’ crying over video call than seeing them in hospital.” It is not easy, but an understandable choice.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to express gratitude.

If we cannot be together, a sincere message, a small note, a hand-written mail would warm the heart dearly. Or as simple as picking up the phone and say, “thank you!”. I felt what matters most is you really feels it when you say it.

And for me, I’m thankful to have a lovely small family who gives me so much love and energy. I am thankful that my parents are healthy. I’m grateful for my teams and everyone who supported us. I’m in debt to many others who have mentored me, helped me, encouraged me to be a better version of myself.

How about you, what are you grateful for 🙂 ?

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