Let the fire burning

Is this you?

You manage a team. During the day, you spend the time running run up and down, working non-stop, getting in touch with everyone to complete all the tasks.

But at the end of the day, you feel exhausted.

You delivered. But you felt exhausted. And you were afraid your team feels the same.

You wished you could help the team to do everything. You wished you have 25 hours per day or even more.


Well, if that is you, you are not alone! This is a typical day for a manager in the software industry.

I was there.

This is how our modern society celebrates and embraces the busy manager. This might be how you want to spend your day – it’s totally fine to be a hands-on manager, to run on the ground with the troops.

But you need to let the fire burning.


growth through pain






This is for the team to grow.

It’s impossible to have your hands on everything. You need to be able to delegate efficiently and accurately. That’s an important skill of a manager.

As an inspiring leader, you need to set an environment so that the team can make mistake, learn from it, and thrive. You need to set up frameworks and processes so that mistake is controllable, tolerable, easy to fix, and to some degrees, welcomed.

You need to build a culture of learning and growing.

Remember: growth comes from pain. That’s how we build muscle.

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