On becoming a people empowerer

Notes about being people manager

A short note to self, after reading several books on managements (Good to Great, Build to Last, How Google Works, Start with Why, Steve Jobs – A Biography):

  • The most important task of a manager is to build a solid team. Good managers are willing to hire people who are stronger than themselves, and they build a dynamic team with complimentary skills. They also detect and call out the bad behaviors early before a rotten apple spoil the barrel.
  • Good managers create open environment and welcome feedbacks. At the same time, they offer feedbacks candidly and avoid sandwich approach. They also genuinely care for the team’s well-being and go out of their way to make sure the team is taken care of.
  • Good managers = enablers | empowerers. They hire the best people for the team, create a springboard for the team and get out of the way. They say “Yes” more to enable and empower transformative ideas.
  • Good managers start with Why, not How or What. They speaks to the heart and inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

And I stumbled upon this useful checklist, from another fellow manager (source: https://omaralzabir.com/a-managers-checklist/),very concise and to the point. Sharing it here for my future self.

Manager -checklist- to-dos

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