Outlive the pandemic

The world is fighting one of the worst pandemics since 1916 flu pandemic: COVID-19 has infected over 2.1M people with over 160,000 deaths.

It is totally natural to get scared when we saw video of inside Wuhan, the original hot bed of this coronavirus where patients lying on the floor in hospital because there are not enough ventilators and ER beds.

It is our gene that send us that chill down our spines looking

Have empathy and humility

This is the strongest force to rally people around you and working around the clock towards the greater cause.

Facing death, no amount of money and reward would matter but there are unsung heroes who still be there for each other, like this 99-year-old veteran in England who raised 16 millions of dollar for health workers, or this small restaurant in Grenoble, France who prepared and delivered over 450 meals for free to doctors & nurses in local hospitals. On social media networks, there have been countless donation campaigns like this and this, aiming to help those families or people who need the help most.

Surround you with people who would tell “you’re wrong”

Being strong and have unbreakable faiths

Being cautious but do not despair

Have a cause


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