Outlive the pandemic

The storm we’re in

Let’s face the fact: the world is fighting one of the worst pandemics since the 1916 flu pandemic.

As of today, COVID-19 has infected over 2.4M people and killing over 170,000.

The scary fact is that there has not been a vaccine yet.

The world has come to a stop – globally, cities and even countries were put under order to stay at home, or even locked down.

Like in Italy…

GP: Coronavirus: Venice Italy

…or in France…

France Faces The Coronavirus

…or right here in San Francisco…

Bay Area Coronavirus Lockdown Foreshadows What's to Come ...

Busy cities have become ghost towns, crowded squares are now empty, businesses closed down, and millions of people have lost their jobs.

The economy and stock indices plunged.

The world seemed to be ending…



The warm breeze

But remember, it is the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn – Thomas Fuller

Despite the seemingly despaired reality of COVID-19, it is heart-warming to hear so many stories about unsung heroes who still be there for each other risking their lives to fight this virus.

I’m continually awed by stories like this 99-year-old veteran in England who helped to raise 16 million dollars for Britain health workers.

A family handout photo of Tom Moore, a 99-year-old British veteran who has started a campaign to thank the National Health Service by walking lengths in his garden.


And this restaurant in Grenoble, France who prepared and delivered over free meals to doctors, nurses, first responders in local hospitals, and health institutions.



And it can be just as simple as that gift which I saw the other day in the park:  a food package someone left on the bench for the homeless.

It said only two words: “Stay Strong“.



The sunny day

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies” – Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption.

And that is why, decades later, when I look back at this time, I would be able to tell my son say that we had outlived the pandemic.

We had outlived the pandemic thanks to those brilliant minds working in science and healthcare working days and nights, tirelessly, to find the cure to the disease and to control the spread of the virus.

We had outlived the pandemic thanks to our vigilant practice, thanks to our perseverance to shelter at home, to rely upon, and to help each other despite the tough situation we were in.

And we had lived through the pandemic with love and faith, with kindness and bravery, with empathy and humility.

Till then, here is my favorite quote:


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