Why (how) living aboard helped me develop sense of self

I have seen old people working under the scorching hot sun, barely make a living and I knew another version of Singapore, not just the “cleanest and greenest” city that I read about on National Geography.
Image result for singapore old food court cleaner
and seeing homeless man asking for a meal at Embarcadero, I knew another version of San Francisco – not just the city of glittering and glamorous high-tech startups.
Image result for homeless in embarcadero
…and I’ve seen that ridiculous contrast in Vietnam, and I knew I have so many things to fight for.
Image result for chenh lech giau ngheo o vietnam
That’s why this article resonates so well with my experience: https://hbr.org/2018/05/how-living-abroad-helps-you-develop-a-clearer-sense-of-self

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