Thinking for the user

A trillion dollar difference

This is a small difference between a trillion-dollar company and a 15-billion-dollar company:No automatic alt text available.

  • Unboxing iPhone Xs Max: the phone is already sufficiently charged, installation and migration to the new phone take just 15minutes. It was such a cool breeze.
  • Unboxing DJI Osmo Mobile 2 stabilizer gimbal: the battery is at 1%, and I waited forever to get it sufficiently charged (notice the cable?). Such a turn-off!

Putting the user first

The reason why iPhone was sufficiently charged traced back to Apple former CEO – Steve Jobs.

Steve was always obssessed with first-time user experience and in his biography – Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, he said “people DO judge a book by its cover”. Therefore, all Apple products will have a creative, professional way to present themselves to the end-users.

Specifically, he asked the iPhone division to ensure every phone is delivered to end-user with battery sufficiently charged. His philosophy is to never delay the user’s indulgence with the new shiny product. Last but not least, Apple supply chain ensured they are delivered to end-user before the battery depleted.

Before Apple, most users have to wait for the battery to get charged. Well, it’s the pain I’m going through with DJI Osmo Mobile 2.


Whatever product you are making, please, think for the users.

Oh well, my DJI OM2 battery is now at 2%.

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